With the help of an infrared sauna, your body can get rid of toxins, enjoy vitality, improve mood, boost immunity, alleviate pain and inflammation, and more.

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Infrared Sauna benefits

Infrared sauna’s can help heal parts of your body through the powers of detox, pain relief, improved circulation, purifying your skin, weight loss, lowering blood pressure, and more.

There is a study that showed that people who have chronic fatigue benefited from using an infrared sauna. Another study showed that it helped with muscle soreness and healing the body after doing strength training.

Lastly, there have been several studies that show infrared saunas can help reduce blood pressure, which is very important for people that struggle with high blood pressure as this is a serious health condition.

We are exposed too many toxins every day and the most important organs and pathways that help us detox are our liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, lymphatic system, and skin. However, these can become overloaded and toxicity can affect our body.

Sweating is one of the best ways to get rid of toxins, and most people don’t sweat enough. This is where infrared saunas come into play and can help us detox.

It takes 30 minutes in an infrared sauna to reach the full health benefits it can provide. That is a quick session if you are receiving the health benefits you need.

‍Infrared sauna therapy is known to reduce stress, boost the immune system, stimulate collagen production and relieve joint and muscle pain. But most importantly, it generates a genuine, unique boost that relaxes, recharges and re-energises both mind and body.

Prices start from £35

Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

  1. Detox your body
  2. Has anti-ageing effects and helps with skin healing
  3. Reduces muscle soreness, pain, and inflammation
  4. Helps with sleep and produces melatonin
  5. Decreases cellulite
  6. Improves circulation
  7. Restores endorphins or happy hormones
  8. Decreases stress hormones, such as cortisol and promote relaxation
  9. Helps improve cardiovascular help by decreasing your blood pressure
  10. Boosts immunity

What is better than your own private Infrared Sauna suite at Luminate? Your sweat session will be 30-45 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes to shower and freshen up. If you decide to bring a friend, please note that there is only 1 shower in our Sauna Suite.

Detox your body in a sauna

Bring A Friend Along

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Please contact Becky if you are interested in booking a sauna with us.