Packages and Pricing

Transformational package 

Six week ‘Detox Package’
Becky is offering four people this amazing 6 week package to help transform your health and take you on a journey of discovering how amazing you can look and feel in 2024!
This course is only for dedicated people who are ready to take that next step in changing their lives and stepping into their true power – It’s time for you to access a higher level of health and healing and let the real you shine through.
What’s included in the course?
🌟An in-depth 1-1 consultation
🌟Meal plan with 7 day sugar detox (emailed)
🌟Full body pressotherapy sessions x 6
🌟Infrared sauna x 6
🌟InBody scan x 2
🌟Weekly WhatsApp support

This course can be paid in two instalments if preferred of £300 each (total £600).

Pressotherapy helps accelerate the removal of toxins that impact our immune system, helping fight off infections and speeding up healing and recovery from illness. It can also improve the appearance of cellulite and poor skin tone, reduce water retention, bloating and discomfort, promote better sleep quality, aid faster muscle recovery post workout, and support the elimination of free radicals – a by-product of the body’s stress fighting hormones.
Get sweaty! With our infrared sauna, you can relieve your body of stress, muscle soreness, and toxins. As you sit quietly, relax and let your body burn calories and lower inflammation. In less than 30 minutes, you can reduce minor discomfort, improve physical recovery, improve circulation, and promote cardiovascular health. A fantastic treatment after lymphatic drainage!
The InBody Scale is a machine that measures body composition through a method called bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). The BIA method sends a small alternating current through the body that allows for highly accurate measurements of a person’s body fat as well as water, lean mass, overall weight, and more. The InBody test is a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water. Becky will do a scan before the start of the course and on the last session.

* Tailor your package yourself with some great add on treatments to include the face for an all over body treatment!

Add into your package:

Dermalux light therapy (20 mins) x 6 – £90

Facial (30/40 mins) including plasma, mask and Dermalux x 6 – £300

Nano-needling infusion with LED x 2 – £150

Bio-Resonance scan x 1 – £200 

Energy Healing (60 mins) x 2 – £120


Our wish is for you to reach a higher level of healing, so you are able to transform your health. It is possible and you can do it. Start by taking the first step, get in touch to see how we can help you.


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