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We will help you eat well and feel good – Make positive changes to your diet & lifestyle through our Nutrition Coaching.


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​Nutritional Therapy Solutions Near You

Nourish Your Body and Mind Naturally and Uncover the Root Causes of Illness and Thrive! With our Didcot-based Nutritional Therapy!

Nutritional Deficiencies


Digestive Problems.


Allergies and Intolerances


 Eczema Gluten Intolerance


Lactose Intolerance


Women’s Nutrition and Thyroid problems


Heart, diabetes and cholesterol health.


Healthy weight loss.


Improved energy, reduced fatigue, and anxiety

Nutritional Sessions Offer

Sam will be offering 1-1 sessions at Luminate to help with nutrition and weight loss.

She will also be offering blood glucose monitoring which is a great way to find out how the foods you eat affect your blood sugar.  When blood sugar runs high it can lead to diabetes, and in the short term can cause energy dips, cravings and weight gain, so understanding how blood sugar works and what to eat, is an important foundation for long term health.  Blood sugar also has an impact on our sleep and our heart health so this is important.

The Glucose monitors attach easily and painlessly for 2 weeks.  During this time you can see via an App on your phone what your glucose levels are and how they go up / down after certain foods

The cost which includes the initial consultation, the glucose monitor and follow up appointment is £200 – a great investment in your health and half the price of ZOE.

Sam will be offering FREE consultations on the 29th of November at Luminate.