Meditation in Didcot

Meditation can assist you in finding your inner peace and thinking more positively. It is an effective way to improve self-knowledge, boost mindfulness and lower stress.

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Meditation session

Looking for meditation session in Didcot?

We offer 1-1 meditation sessions incorporating sound with visualisation and soothing music to return you to the right balance of brain wave activity. A simple 20-minute session produces the ‘relaxation response,’ a state known for reversing the ravages of stress, reducing worry and anxiety and providing the same benefits as 1 whole sleep cycle.

We have different programs depending on what you are looking to achieve and combine I-tera frequency healing while you are relaxing on the bed. Choose your own program or let us pick one for you.

Choose from:

Over coming anxiety

Lose weight

Build your self esteem

Believe in yourself

Stop smoking

Raise your vibration

Unleash your true potential

Heal your inner child

Let go of fear

Attracting abundance

While you are listening to the meditation we will use the I-tera wand to help increase your self healing ability in the body and activate dormant cells that have not been functioning properly.

30 minutes  – £45

45 minutes – £65

Why meditation?

When you meditate, your body’s physiology changes, and more prana (energy) fills up every cell. As the level of prana in the body gets higher, you will experience joy, harmony, and passion.

Some benefits of meditation include: reduced anxiety, improve emotional stability, increase creativity, elevate mood, boost mental clarity and tranquility, improve mindfulness & self-awareness, sharpens the mind, and grow consciousness.



BrainTap meditation works really well alongside our relaxing treatments. Please book as an add on when booking though the booking system or contact us for more information.