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Medical grade supplements 

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It’s taken me a long time to decide what supplements to recommend to my clients at Luminate.

There are over 90 vitamins and minerals that need to be in place to work synergistically. Imagine a bracelet, if just 1 or 2 links are missing, the whole bracelet breaks down.

People are wasting fortunes on vitamins that just don’t work.

Ingredients need to be from organic plant base (natural isn’t enough, as they’ll contain heavy metals and contaminants), they need to be be cold processed (or nutrients are lost in production) and they need to be 100% Bioavailable (absorbable into the cell).

Overall wellness is easily gained with our Nourish, Cleanse, Protect and Support philosophy. A well-nourished body has the advantage of maintaining overall health because the cells, where healthy “body building” truly begins, are supplied with adequate nutrition that allows them to perform their specific functions.

Cleansing eliminates waste all the way to the cellular level and provides a new beginning for nutrients to be absorbed and used properly. Protecting new cells with adequate antioxidants and nutritional compounds improves the chances for each cell to be more energised and invigorated, or full of life.





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Why are LifePlus the best supplements?


Medical grade, cold processed


Designed to work synergistically 




100% bioavailable


Addresses gut health


16 day gentle Colon Cleanse available 

Consultation £30

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At Lifeplus, wellbeing is in our DNA and we believe your goals are more achievable than you think. That’s why we work with what you already have to unlock the wellness within you.


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