Tailored to what your skin needs each time we see you. No facial is ever the same with us. An hour of pure relaxation, exfoliation, mask & facial including a shoulder massage. Choose from our add on treatments if you’d like to make your pamper a little bit longer…

Tailored facial

Tailored to what your skin needs, your skin concerns and what you are feeling like on the day! We will always include in the hour a back massage to start, cleanse and exfoliating treatment. You can also add in one extra treatment including, medical grade light therapy, oxygen therapy or cold plasma. This is a great facial to book as we can  mix up what we do each time we see you depending on what your skin needs.

75 mins – £85

Facial with skin tightening 

Mix your facial up a bit and add in some techniques that will help lift and tone facial contours. We can add in some ‘Radio Frequency’ for skin tightening or try our new facial with ‘Buccal Massage’ to naturally lift & tighten the face. A big favourite in the celebrity world right now!

1 hour including RF – £85

1 hour including Buccal massage – £85

75 mins including both – £110




Barrier function is always something we look at first when treating the skin. Healing the skins barrier function and getting the skin cells in a healthy position so they can do their job properly is very important to healthy skin.  

Through a detailed consultation, we will identify your skin type and key concerns.  A treatment plan will then be designed using appropriate products to specifically suit and treat your skin. We use natural, chemical free products that are effective but also gentle on the skin. We always aim to keep the barrier of the skin intact (unless you have a peel) and we will educate you on how to look after your skin at home before you leave us.

wellbeing through energy healing


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