Tailored to what your skin needs each time we see you. No facial is ever the same with us. An hour of pure relaxation, exfoliation, mask & facial including a shoulder massage. Choose from our add on treatments if you’d like to make your pamper a little bit longer…

Mini facial And light therapy

Tailored to what your skin needs, but always including a cleanse, tone and exfoliation; finished with an LED light therapy session. A great mini facial to start with if you are unsure of what to have. We can then guide you on the best treatment plan for your skin. Gentle for the skin but gives great results.

45 mins – £55

Tailored 1 hour facial

At our spa in Didcot, we will tailor your facial each time you come to see us. We usually start with a steam and extraction, enzymatic peel to gently exfoliate, lymphatic drainage massage incorporating cold ice globes, mask to finish. We can add one of our add on treatments to finish which could include LED light therapy or oxygen therapy. We also offer ‘teen facials’ including advice on how to look after the skin.

1 hour – £70




Facial with skin tightening 

Try our mini facial with radio frequency included to tighten and lift facial contours. Radio frequency stimulates collagen in the dermal areas, giving an instant lifting effect on the skin. Add in light therapy or oxygen dome therapy to help rejuvenate skin cells, treat acne, pigmentation or rosacea skin types.

Try our new facial with ‘Buccal Massage’ to naturally lift & tighten the face. A big favourite in the celebrity world right now!

1 hour – £70 

75 mins including Buccal massage – £85




An oxygen facial is a cutting-edge skincare treatment that uses pressurised oxygen to deliver nutrient-rich serums and antioxidants deep into the skin.

This non-invasive procedure is designed to rejuvenate and improve the skin’s appearance by promoting the production of collagen and elastin, essential proteins that maintain skin’s firmness and elasticity. By delivering oxygen and active ingredients directly to the skin’s surface, this facial encourages cell regeneration and the repair of damaged tissue, resulting in a brighter, more youthful complexion.

The infusion of oxygen also helps to increase circulation, which can lead to a more radiant appearance and improved skin tone.

1 hour – £85 

Oxygen Infusion Facials


Barrier function is always something we look at first when treating the skin. Healing the skins barrier function and getting the skin cells in a healthy position so they can do their job properly is very important to healthy skin. Through a detailed consultation, we will identify your skin type and key concerns.  A treatment plan will then be designed using appropriate products to specifically suit and treat your skin. We use natural, chemical free products that are effective but also gentle on the skin. We always aim to keep the barrier of the skin intact and we will educate you on how to look after your skin at home before you leave us.


The skin barrier is defensive by nature. That’s because it has two missions: 1) to control moisture levels and 2) to keep environmental aggressors—microbes, pathogens, UV rays and pollution—at bay. And when its mission is compromised, you’ll see the very undesired result in your complexion (such as redness, dryness, pigmentation and signs of aging).

Think of your skin barrier like the roof on your house. A strong roof weathers the storm and protects your home from outdoor conditions. A leaky roof, however, lets havoc trickle into your beloved abode.

Now ask yourself this: if you had, say, a hole in your roof, would you be content with simply sweeping the incoming debris while a bucket collects the rainwater? Or would you set out to repair your roof and protect your home once more? Repairing the outer barrier is, needless to say, the solution and we are here to help you on your journey here at Luminate.

Please book a free skin consultation with one of our therapists and we will discuss your skin in more detail together.

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