Eye Brow and Eye Lash Tinting in Didcot and Oxfordshire

Eyebrow & lash tinting is a well-known beauty treatment that uses a semi-permanent dye to improve the colour and shape of the eyebrows. We deliver the best eyebrow & lash tinting in Didcot, helping you to look flawless for any event or occasion.

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About our Eye lash & Brow Tinting Service in Didcot

 This treatment adds colour to your eyelashes and/or your eyebrows. The hair can only be made darker, not lighter, with this treatment.

For an eyelash tint, the eyelashes are cleansed, and a tint protector is applied around the eye area to protect the skin and to prevent any staining. The tint is carefully applied to the lashes and left on for several minutes until the colour has been taken. The tint is removed and you are able to wear make-up as required. The same process is carried out for an eyebrow tint.

The tint usually lasts between 3-6 weeks, depending on the colour you have. Eyebrow tinting lasts between 3-8 weeks, with most choosing to have theirs redone monthly.

A skin test is required at least 24/48 hours prior to having treatment to the eye area. This is very important to ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction to the product. Without the skin test, the treatment cannot take place. The skin test involves a small amount of tint being applied to the area either behind your ear or on the inside of your elbow. Please book through the website before booking your treatment with us.


Eye Lash & Brow Costs in Didcot

Both together-£35

Eyebrow tint -£15

Eyelash tint – £24

Lash, brow & wax – £45



We service the entire Didcot area

When you need any kind of eyelash & brow tinting services, Luminate Wellness is here to help. We proudly serve Harwell, Long Wittenham, Didcot, Abingdon, Radley, Steventon and Sutton Courtenay towns in Oxfordshire.

At Luminate Wellness, We have eyebrow and eyelash tinting specialists who will assist you in defining and contouring your appearance for a splash of colour that lasts weeks. Show off your natural beauty and enjoy a month of colour that requires zero maintenance. With this, you experience fuller features that enable you to skip makup regularly.

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How does eyebrow tint last?

The tint usually lasts between 3-6 weeks, depending on the colour you have. Eyebrow tinting lasts between 3-8 weeks, with most choosing to have theirs redone monthly.

How long the tint lasts depend on numerous factors, like individual hair growth, type of skin, and follow-up care. Routine upkeep, along with refraining from excessive scrubbing or contact with harsh chemicals, can help improve the tint’s lifespan.

Can I tint my eyebrows any colour I want?

The choice of colour for brow tinting ought to be determined by your natural hair colour, tone of skin, and desired look. Our expert brow specialist will assist you in selecting the most ideal shade that highlights your features and fits your overall aesthetic.

After getting my brows tinted, can I swim or do other water-related activities?

It’s best to stay away from swimming or activities involving a lot of water exposure for up to two days after eyebrow tinting. This lowers the chance of premature fading and helps the tint to dry. When this stage is over, you can carry on your normal activities without problems.

What are the benefits of eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is highly beneficial to clients. It can assist with adding structure and fullness to brows that are naturally light or sparse, making it perfect for those people. Furthermore, tinting can be used to conceal grey hairs or darken brows so they match a client’s hair colour.

One of the key advantages of eyebrow tinting treatment is the fact it is easy to look after. The dye can last for a maximum of four weeks, and clients can continue their regular beauty routine with no worries about smudging, discolouration or fading.

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