Targeted metabolism reset program

This metabolic reset program is perfect for boosting metabolic health and treating metabolic disorders. Enjoy immediate and lasting results.

Reset Metabolism

With Our 21 Days

This program was developed by a medical doctor in Germany using the LOGI method, which is based on eating low-glycemic foods. In large part what makes the program work so well is it jump starts your metabolism. One of the great side benefits of this program besides losing weight is it will greatly increase your energy levels. You will be amazed at how great you feel.

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There is honestly so much you can expect from our 21 Day Metabolic Reset because it truly addresses the root causes of digestive distress and metabolic challenges. You can expect more energy, better digestion, less or in some cases no bloating whatsoever, regular bowel movements, and weight loss of up to 1lb per day for 21 days. The closer you follow our 21-day program, the better and faster it works. We will support you throughout the program and add you to a private Facebook group for food ideas and inspiration. 

We will also offer you a free PH test to see if your body is in an alkaline or acidic state before starting the reset.

*Supplements must be taken alongside this plan which we will talk through with you.


Works on stubborn fat


Helps the body become more alkaline


High energy levels


Weight decrease of up to 21 lbs


Improve quality of sleep


Reset your metabolism

Consultation £30

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All sickness, illness, disease, call it what you like, always comes down to the 3 same things- acidity, poor gut health and lack of Bioavailable key vital nutrients. When all 3 things are addressed together (and that’s easily achieved through the right supplements) that’s when we see phenomenal results.


Please book a consultation with Becky where will go through the reset step by step and monitor your current weight with an in-depth Inbody treatment.