Oncology Treatments in Didcot

Our Oncology treatments are tailored to meet the needs of people with cancer and those receiving cancer treatments

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Full body Massage

Oncology massage is a gentle massage using adapted techniques to ensure that the massage is safe for people with a current or previous cancer diagnosis. Massage is a complementary therapy which means you can use it alongside your conventional medical treatment but never in place of – massage is not a treatment for cancer.

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1 hour – £60

Back Massage

Oncology Massage is the adaptation of massage techniques to safely nurture the body of someone during a cancer diagnosis, during medical treatment, when in remission, through palliative care with a terminal diagnosis and through survivorship.

Oncology Massage is a non-invasive technique, specifically adapted for individuals of all ages and all types of cancer.

Treatment with our therapist Debbie at Didcot.

30 min – £45 

one oncology
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Holistic Facial

This facial is tailored at every stage to address the unique needs of people going through all stages of cancer therapy, as well as rehabilitation and longevity.

A healthy and relaxing treatment to help restore your appearance and successfully manage the changes skin needs to undergo during and after cancer treatment, with the additional healing benefits of touch and modified lymph drainage, provides a sense of peace and comfort.

You will look fantastic and feel better by using products that are safe, non-toxic, soft, and soothing to help your skin restore its healthy look and feel.

1 hour – £70

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Massage Therapy Benefits for Cancer Patients


Helps to balance the nervous system and the muscles


Preventing chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy


Improving sleep and lessening fatigue


Reducing depression and anxiety


Relieving lymphedema


Relieving nausea


Alleviating stress


Reducing pain


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