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LifePlus Colon Cleanse

  • We use to eat food for energy to keep us going but food has become so much more than that now. We are eating fast food which doesn’t contain the nutrients our bodies need.It’s alarming that some colons can weigh up to 20kg!!! In that case, there are deposits and waste products with a weight of up to 18 kg… There have been autopsies where even deposits of breast milk could be traced!
  • Our food goes into our stomach, small intestine & then into our colon where the toxins are eliminated & also where the nutrients are absorbed.
  • The colon is ridged inside & if we are not having enough fibre food will get stuck in there which can sit & rot (especially meat).
  • It’s recommended we have 30g of fibre a day but we are not getting nearly enough anymore due to low carb high protein diets.
  • This is all all causing food to get stuck in the colon & cause gut health problems like IBS, crohns disease & diverticulosis.
  • In Africa they eat about 80g of fibre a day & their food is digested between 4-6 hours. Ours can take up to 90 hours due to not having enough fibre in our diets.


   Why is a cleanse good to do?

  • The colon is like the second brain & 85% of our immunity come from here.
  • Good gut health is key to having a healthy body free from inflammation.
  • Cleansing the colon 2-3 x a year will help move everything through & help everything to work properly & absorb the nutrients you body needs.
  • Always good to do if the body is inflamed, suffering from skin issues etc before getting onto the base products.
  • There are little fingers called villi in the colon which absorb the nutrients. If you have an unhealthy diet & not enough fibre these villi stick together & can not do their job properly.
  • Parasites live in our body & feed off our body, taking key nutrients our body needs. Cleaning will help to eliminate these parasites & flush them out of the body.
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A powder that you add to water or a shake. Acts like a toilet brush cleansing inside of the colon

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Doing the cleanse can make the body quite acidic as it’s releasing lots of toxins, this will help alkalize the body



This helps to clean the colon out of any nasties that have been sticking to it over the years 



Binds to heavy metals & takes them out.
Natural anti inflammatory & pain killer.

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Why do I need to cleanse the colon?


85% of our immunity comes from here


To kill off any parasites feeding on us


To absorb more nutrients


Keeping the body free from inflamation 


Improves concentration


To kick start weightloss

Consultation £30

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At Lifeplus, wellbeing is in our DNA and we believe your goals are more achievable than you think. That’s why we work with what you already have to unlock the wellness within you.


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